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mustang_insetHow can a car like a Mustang look so good and drive so poorly? We don't accept that it needs to be that way. Times have changed and now rack and pinion steering comes from the factory on new cars; it is the driving feel we are use to. Mustangs have a 50 year old steering design that uses a steering box. A Steeroids rack and pinion conversion kit will make a vintage 1965-70 Mustang a joy to drive, especially on a the tight turns of an autocross or road course. Not a racer? Steeroids will give you the control to keep the car pointed where you want it. No more "sawing" with the steering wheel to stay in your lane.

It is a real pain to park a car without power assist. Early Mustang owner can now have power steering! In addition the kit reduces the number of turns of the steering wheel from full left to full right to roughly half of the stock steering box! This eliminates the frenetic steering wheel motion to make the car turn. You won't believe how much better the car drives with a Steeroids, you will feel it the instant you get behind the wheel.

If your car has been lowered or you are not happy with the factory's un-nerving "darty" feeling when you hit a bump (bump steering) can now be eliminated. Steeroids kits are the only rack and pinion kits where you can actually fix this nasty little  habit to make your Mustang drive as good as it looks.

Don't want to mess up you car with drilling holes and welding? Steeroids is a truly bolt on solution to more driving fun. With no permanent mods to the car you can easily bolt on the old factory gear and turn it back to stock.

A Steeroids kit is an entirely bolt on installation if you choose one of our kits that includes a steering column. There is absolutely no welding, cutting or drilling to your frame, cross member or it’s supports on ANY of these Steeroids. Others claim to be bolt on but beware. The kit installs with basic hand tools in approximately 3-5 hours. On a power kit, your existing or readily available power steering pump and brackets can be used. If you choose a manual system (higher steering effort, but you save even more weight) no pump is required. The manual system is permanently lubricated, so there is no maintenance.

Steeroids TM  rack and pinion conversion kits are complete kits; all the necessary parts are included, with the exception of the power steering pump which your car already has if it came with power steering; so you can use the existing pump with our kit. The kit completely replaces all your existing steering components! An additional benefit of our kit is that you can adjust for bump steer.


What an easy, excellent way to update and modernize an already great car. You won’t believe how much it improves the feel and precision and makes your Mustang feel crisp and sporty like it should. All of this equals putting the fun back in driving! Isn’t that what owning a classic Mustang is all about?


1965-1970 Mustang Steeroids TM

Power or Manual Rack & Pinion Conversion Kit



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