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corvett_insetW1hile the Corvette has always been America’s sports car, they didn’t exactly know how to put the “sport” in the clunky, old technology steering design which dates back to the 1950’s. When you drive your Corvette you deserve the greatly enhanced steering control and improved feel which a modern, well engineered rack and pinion steering system can deliver. The stock factory re-circulating ball steering box which came on the Corvette is vague and unresponsive. This is especially true “on center” where modern cars with rack and pinion excel with the crisp response you have come to expect. Power steering racks offer much quicker ratios over the stock steering. Steeroids TM rack and pinion conversions for 1963-1982 Corvettes yield approximately 2.5 turns lock-to-lock (power system), and 2.9 turns (manual system).

As an additional benefit you get a lighter weight steering system - Steeroids TM  - rack and pinion conversions save up to 15 lbs over your stock setup, depending on how your car was originally equipped. Our kit is an entirely bolt on installation - absolutely no welding, cutting or drilling. Others claim to be bolt on but beware. The kit installs with basic hand tools in approximately 3-5 hours. On a power kit, your existing or readily available power steering pump and brackets can be used. If you choose a manual system (higher steering effort, but you save even more weight) no pump is required. The manual system is permanently lubricated, so there is no maintenance.

Steeroids TM  rack and pinion conversion kits are complete kits; all the necessary parts are included, with the exception of the power steering pump which your car already has if it came with power steering; so you can use the existing pump with our kit. The kit completely replaces all your existing steering components! Yes, that includes that leaky, heavy steering box and kludgy slave cylinder (what were they thinking).




1953-1962   Download data sheet.


What an easy, excellent way to update and modernize an already great car. You won’t believe how much it improves the feel and precision and makes a sports car feel crisp and sporty like it should. All of this equals putting the fun back in driving! Isn’t that what owning a classic Corvette is all about?

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1953-1982 Corvette Steeroids TM

Power or Manual Rack & Pinion Conversion Kit



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